How long does it take for you to set up?

It takes us approximately one hour to set up and another 30 minutes for sound check; takedown usually takes about an hour.

Do you provide microphone service for announcements?

Yes we provide a quality microphone and stand and full audio monitoring for announcements and speeches.

Do your disc jockeys interact with the audience during the event?

This depends upon your preference; if you request this we will do our best. Othewise the DJ will make announcements when required and introduce some songs etc.

Do you accept requests during the event?

Absolutely! And we have a special system for facilitating that during the event; requests are also possible ahead of time via email or via the homepage links for our Gold Package clients. We cannot promise to fullfill all requests but we will definately do our best and have a library of many thousands of songs.

How much time do you require for song planning ahead of time?

We require a minimum of seven days notice of all songs you wish included in the repertoire.

Do you offer kareoke?

Unfortunately we do not offer kareoke at this time. Stay tuned as this may change in the future.

Do you provide party accessories such as disco balls, bubble machines and fog machines?

Yes we provide these services for a small extra charge upon request.

Is lighting included in your service?

Lighting is included in our silver and gold packages. The silver package includes one stage lighting tree for ambience; our gold package offers a full spectrum of stage lights including LED digital disco effects.

Can you provide specialty coloured lighting?

We can create colour based themes in our presentation that emphasize certain pallettes upon request.

If our event goes beyond four hours will you keep playing?

We will continue to provide entertainment at a rate of $100.00 per hour.

How do your DJ’s dress during events?

We dress to suit the occasion. For weddings and Corporate events we dress more formally. For Halloween we wear costumes. If you have a request we will do our best to accommodate it.

Do you accept credit cards for payment?

Yes we accept most credit cards, certified cheques and cash for payment.

How much is the deposit and when must it be made?

Deposits are a portion of the package price and are due before a booking will be finalized. Prices can be seen in the link on our homepage.

Do you provide receipts?

Yes we provide a receipt after the deposit is submitted and after final payment.

Do your prices include all taxes?

Yes, our prices are fully tax inclusive.

When is final payment due?

Final payment is due at the end of the event and in cash or certified or company cheque. Please make cheques out to Parkwood Productions.

Will you be the MC for our event?

We are not generally MC’s for events but will make announcements on your behalf.

Do you require dinner at our wedding reception or party?

We do not expect nor require dinner, but are sometimes offered this and it is gratefully appreciated by our DJ’s especially if asked to provide music during dinner.

Do your DJ’s accept tips?

We do not require tips as our prices are all-inclusive; however, our DJ’s do accept tips and are very happy to receive them.

Do you provide SOCAN fees?

SOCAN fees are required when you are selling tickets to your event to compensate the original artists of the music for the profits you are making. If your event is private, and you are not making money, SOCAN is not normally required; however some city facilities require a SOCAN licence for your event. You can purchase this yourself easily.

Why is your photobooth so affordable? 

Magical Memories Photobooth Services is a specialized new-generation of photobooth setup which allows guests to take pictures with their own cell phones enabling them to post to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. instantly. All the other features including backdrops, professional lighting, an array of props and costumes, and a full time attendant is provided!

Can we hire just your photobooth for our event?

Absolutely, it would be our pleasure!